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Phil's Computer


  Phil offers technical support to all types of clients for computer repair. Phil has 30 years of IT experience working on Macs and PCs. He will fix your computer! 

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 “The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.” Vince Lombardi


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Free pick up and delivery

Most repair is done within 24 hours! 

Monday - Friday 11:00 - 5:30

Saturday 11:00 - 4:00

Sunday Closed


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This service was amazingly  easy and fast. Everything was well explained! Phil was terrific! 


Duane H.

Sunriver, Oregon



You've made me a very happy guy. I've got everything I want and it's all working.


The external F Drive is working!


I have my Quikbook files all saved on:

The computer you worked on.

My other desktop computer.

My external F Drive.



And I can open my Quick book files on any of them. So I'm totally backed up on 4 different sources.


I will just copy the Quikbook files to all 3 other sources from my main computer once a month for backups.


If my main computer fails during a month before backup, I will just have to reconstruct one months entries; not a big deal.


Thanks so much for all your knowledge, interest and determination to reach success.



Julie Zolfo 2.jpg


San Francisco,


Thank you Philip for your amazing support setting up and configuring my new laptop! You were a life saver. You are the 'go to guy' when it comes to computer repair! 

Thanks again

Susan L. 
Sisters, Oregon
After taking my two Apple Macs to the "Simply Mac Store"  in Bend, Oregon
Spending more than 200.00 with them, only for them to tell me that the help requested wasn't possible for my Apple computers. 

You  were able to correct the problem, the "experts' were unable to figure out!
Throughout this repair, you were friendly, patient, and professional! 
You are the guy I want working on my Mac computers from now on! 


Newberg, Oregon

Phil's Computer service was amazing repairing and setting up my computer. I found Phil to be be easy and comfortable to work with. A fun and affordable experience! Thanks again!  

Joe D.
Bend, Oregon
Thanks so much for installing a new Hard Drive in my Desktop PC.
You cloned the Hard drive to include all necessary photos and manuscript of my latest Novel.
The computer runs just like new! You were fast, competent and professional! 
I'll be back! 
Chris Testimonial copy copy copy_edited.

Thanks so much Philip for the expert computer repair work.

I now have a V-8 in my computer and you made a big difference in my computer's performance.

My system had many annoying issues and you resolved all of them quickly and affordably! 

Derek Michael
Bend, Oregon
Phil is a nice guy, and is very adamant about having his customers leave with satisfaction.
After Phil diagnosed a failed hard drive.
He replaced the drive with a SSD drive. 
To include updating my laptop to Windows 10 Professional.
This made my laptop run much faster! Phil  goes the extra mile.


Battambang, Cambodia

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