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Debloat Windows 10

(Uninstalling unwanted programs)

  • Trying to clean out the unwanted running programs in Windows 10 is getting ridiculous seeing all that performance go to waste on the botched attempt by Microsoft to add interesting programs leaves an advanced user very dismayed. 

  • Luckily some Windows programmers have worked tirelessly to give us a solution that works considerably well. Lets Start!

  • Right Click Windows Button ->Select Powershell Prompt (Admin) OR Select Command Prompt (Admin)​

  • Change Execution policy to allow a debloat script to run in Powershell Set-ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted


  • Run the script from the following

      Github Repository.           (


Use Windows10Debloater.ps1 from the location below

  • During installation select yes to debloat windows 10, select yes to remove OneDrive, and Yes to reboot after it finishes. Below is an image and video of performing these tasks.



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