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Fix Most Common Windows Problems

I'd just like to outline some steps everyone should take when trying to troubleshoot their computer.


Here is some of the most common things I get asked:

It doesn't work

Performance/speed issues

  • Install all Windows (operating system) updates - both recommended and optional (no need for language packs, Bing or Security Essentials if you already have  an  Anti-Virus program

  • Update all installed software and plugins

    • Use FileHippo, SUMo and any Software Updaters already installed

  • Update all drivers from your OEM

  • Disable or uninstall toolbars for your browser

  • Uninstall unnecessary software e.g. a second antivirus scanner, old versions of software

  • Clean temporary files, caches, logs, recycle bin, registry etc.

  • Use C-Cleaner, Cleanmgr (delete your old restore points)

  • Something both of these miss out is the C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution folder

  • There are many software products out there than advertise as cleaning, decluttering and optimising your PC, many of them make things seem worse than they really are and some are more damaging than they are worth

  • Defragment Hard drivedisk NOT SSD's - Defraggler or the Windows version will do

  • Delete old files that you definitely don't need anymore to save disk space

    • This includes setup files in the C:\ drive

  • Install free Soluto software to help keep track of things slowing it down and any updates available

  • Install free Acronis Drive Monitor to keep an eye on hard drive failure (computers often slow down when the hard drive starts to fail)

  • Install 'Core Temp' which shows the temperature of the processor in the bottom-right of the screen (if it gets hotter than about 80 degrees there might be a problem with the cooling which might help identify why it would slow down)


If you think you may have a virus/malware

  • Update your antivirus product and scan the whole computer

    • If you don't have one, get one!



Temporary free antivirus

Download, install and run a temporary antivirus solution (even your prime antivirus can become compromised

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