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  • Philip Moore

What is Computer Customer Support?

What is Computer Support?

Computer support is the process of providing diagnostic, troubleshooting, maintenance and repair services to a computer or similar device.

It allows the average user to seek and receive specialized computer maintenance and management services, either locally from their home/office or remotely via the Internet.

A Computer Tech carefully explains all processes.

As when explaining anything it’s important the service person is careful to describe repairs in examples which are easily understood.

o Using slang that may be understood throughout the computer industry does nothing for the average computer user.

Words such as ‘Hard drive’ maybe thought of as a long trip through a state like Oklahoma as this would have nothing to do with the mechanical device installed inside of a computer.

The Tech should be able to clearly describe the process necessary to repair the computer in such a way that is easy for the average user to understand.

Establishing a trusting

environment with the customer

Much of the service a Computer tech will be providing to the customer are things that can easily be found online.

Going to Google and typing in the phrase ‘How to fish’ results in all kinds of information that will take the user from beginning introduction of fishing to Championship tips and techniques.

What can’t be found going to google for information is careful and patient explanation a computer tech can give the customer as all questions being carefully and respectfully answered.

  • When researching any topic using Google there are differences of opinions by different authors. This may result in the customer seeking service on their computer to ‘push back’ or in some cases challenge the service persons feedback.

  • A good Support tech will welcome these questions enabling the tech to develop a bond or further connection with the client.

  • This is a sign of a professional when working with such a computer tech.

  • Providing calm and courteous feedback supporting the process is another tool which would give the client confidence in the customer support.

  • Providing consistently honest concise advice will be bring long term dividends to the Support tech.

  • Up-selling unnecessary items to a customer with the intent to increase the cost of the repair quite often may be cause of concern for the customer.

  • Taking shortcuts with software repair to decrease actual work time on a computer can tarnish an otherwise good support reputation.

  • All efforts should be made by customer support to protect all data/documentation on the customers storage area.

  • Examples of this type of short cutting would be processes that would include activity such as installing new Windows operating systems on a computer that with proper repair the data, images, and documents could have been saved.

  • It is rare occasion that a Microsoft Windows operating system can’t be repaired and is eligible for a computer reinstall of a new copy of windows resulting in losing all users data.

Summary of Customer Support

Computer support can create anxiety in the average novice customer. Understanding the typical feeling of vulnerability of the customer due to lack of overall understanding of computer process must be a focus for the computer service person to overcome with the client. The good Support person will have an appreciation for mundane processes the support may use sometimes daily being not near so mundane to the average home user. Explaining process slowly and carefully paying close attention to the customers reaction will keep a confident and comfortable customer experience.

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